Milk Pitcher

This milk pitcher is perfectly designed for foaming milk, this gadget can also undoubtedly help you with coffee’s or chocolate’s preparation.Simple but practical the stainless steel milk jug can turn out to be your best friend when it comes to the preparation of your favourite cappuccino.

Coffee Accessories

Easily dispose of your used coffee grounds with the Coffee Knock Box. After you’ve crafted a delicious morning espresso, simply tap your filter on the bar to release the grind. Dishwasher safe, cleaning the knock box is hassle-free.

Coffee Tamper

Coffee tampers are used for compressing grounded coffee in a filter before the brewing process begins.

Glass Rinser

This glass washing machine for sinks is suitable for all types of cups, including baby bottles, drinking glasses, coffee cups, stemware etc. Widely used in bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.