Rectangular Non Slip Serving Tray

Non Slip Serving Tray

  • Features:
    1. Skid-Resistant surface
    2.Increased efficiency
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The non slip serving tray is perfect for a variety of businesses, from bars to banquet halls, it ensures that orders don’t slide during transport or service. Its strong design and non-skid surface make it great for serving a variety of dishes and beverages , helping to create eye-catching presentations.



Item No.                      Description                  Dimension

TK098A              Squar Anti-skid Tray           255x355mm

TK098B              Squar Anti-skid Tray           405x305mm

TK098C              Squar Anti-skid Tray           455x355mm

TK098D             Squar Anti-skid Tray             510x380mm

TK098E              Squar Anti-skid Tray            555x405mm