Stainless Steel Commercial Work Table with Undershelf

Stainless Steel Work Table

1. Stainless steel top surface

2. Galvanized undershelf or Stainless steel undershelf

3. Easy to assemble


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This stainless steel work table is great for chopping, sorting, and assembling, it provides a sturdy, spacious surface for food prep and storage. With its high weight capacity, easy-to-clean surface, and overall functional design, you can organize your kitchen to create an efficient work flow.


Depth Size Size Without Backsplash Size With Backsplash
Depth: 600mm 800×600×H850mm 800×600×H850+100mm
1000×600×H850mm 1000×600×H850+100mm
1200×600×H850mm 1200×600×H850+100mm
1400×600×H850mm 1400×600×H850+100mm
1500×600×H850mm 1500×600×H850+100mm
1600×600×H850mm 1600×600×H850+100mm
1800×600×H850mm 1800×600×H850+100mm
2000×600×H850mm 2000×600×H850+100mm
Depth: 700mm 800×700×H850mm 800×700×H850+100mm
1000×700×H850mm 1000×700×H850+100mm
1200×700×H850mm 1200×700×H850+100mm
1400×700×H850mm 1400×700×H850+100mm
1500×700×H850mm 1500×700×H850+100mm
1600×700×H850mm 1600×700×H850+100mm
1800×700×H850mm 1800×700×H850+100mm
2000×700×H850mm 2000×700×H850+100mm