Double Rows 32 Shelves Stainless Steel Rack Trolley for 1/1 GN Pan

Stainless steel rack trolley

Product Details:

  • Knock-down design, convient to use
  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel Material, Durable and Rust-Proof, Heavy Duty
  • Both Side Latches To Ensure That Bakery Pans Will Not Fall During Transporting
  • Easy To Clean And Practical
  • Widely Used in Kitchen, Restaurant, Plant, School Canteen, Hospital And Laboratory
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This stainless steel rack trolley for gn pan & sheet pan is designed to hold and transport a variety of your most popular baked goods or meats. This rack is durable, high quality, and will save precious space for your catering business, bakery, cafe, supermarket, or restaurant. This rack provides chefs with the ability to store multiple sheet pans in one convenient location and also facilitates proper cooling of your freshly baked treats. Additionally, this rack works well for storing trays of food at hospitals, cafeterias, or health care facilities.


Item No.                 Dimension/mm              Remark
GPT1106               380x550xH1100             GN 1/1×6 (6 shelves)

GPT1110               380x550xH1300             GN 1/1×10 (10 shelves)

GPT1115               380x550xH1735              GN 1/1×15 (15 shelves)

GPT1116               380x550xH1735              GN 1/1×16 (16 shelves)

GPT1106D           380x550xH1100             GN 1/1×6 (double rows)

GPT1110D            380x550xH1300            GN 1/1×10 (double rows)

GPT1115D            380x550xH1735            GN 1/1×15 (double rows)

GPT1116D            380x550xH1735            GN 1/1×16 (double rows)